Friday, September 5, 2014

New Kitchen Lights.

Take a look at these bad boys:

Oh, how industrial!  We absolutely love the look, but looks sometimes come with sacrifice (that's a message for someone).  And in this case, we sacrificed overall general kitchen lighting (for now).  Our new lights are more directional (downward focusing).  And that's not a problem for us at the moment, it just means a little creativity is in order.

So...the main kitchen light.  The original fixture allowed for light to beam everywhere.

Insert new light and Wallah! Darkness.

Our solution.  Two socket adapters.  Simply because one wasn't enough.

The adapters allow the light bulb to sit lower to the ground so it can spread its light-y goodness to our kitchen.  The top portions of our upper cabinets still do not see much light, but again, we're okay with that for now but will probably address this with recessed lighting some time in the future.

Also, at some point, we plan on replacing the light that lives above our sink and removing the board that currently conceals it to spread more light to the room, but this is also low on our priority list right now.  Mainly, because we haven't found a light fixture dope enough to warrant the change just yet.

To make our breakfast area light less directional, we will also use a socket adapter.  But, we're still debating on whether we want to string a few double socket adapters together or if we want to use a 4-light socket adapter.  The hold up here is research - I don't want to start an electrical fire on account of trying to make this light fixture more pirdy.

But, what ever socket adapter we end up adding to this fixture will be more for aesthetics than function.  One light bulb lights up the breakfast area adequately, but we feel like the fixture itself is a little too massive to only have one light bulb.  It's like putting guppies in a custom aquarium. Just ain't right.  You know what I mean?  But even with one bulb, this guppy holder is a vast improvement over what originally dangled in its place.

Yikes!  Um, hello 80' can have your light fixture back!  Seriously. Come and take it.

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