My Abode

Welcome, Welcome!  Please come in and make yourself comfortable (pick up a broom or hammer...or both)!
We moved into this traditional home in May 2014.  Prior to that, we lived in a 3 bedroom/2 bath house that was literally getting eaten by our kiddos' toys and belongings.  Okay, not so much literally, but we were busting out at the seams!

So, here we are.  More space to grow into and more space to spread our creative wings.  We hope you enjoy our progress.

Front of House
Realtor's shot


  • Painted front door
  • Moravian star light fixture

Living Room

Shout out to the photo bombing basketball goal.


  • Painted walls, trim, and built ins
  • New couches, ottoman/coffee table, and entertainment "center"
What's next for this room? Click here.

Guest Bathroom



Updates currently being made.  Check them out here.

This house is very much a work-in-progress, so I will update/add rooms as I tackle projects.

Thanks for stopping by!
Stay Tuned!

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