Interesting Reads

Here are sites/books that I have found extremely helpful to get my ducks in a row...

Young House Love (This family is no longer actively blogging, but here's a link to their archive)
DIY Diva
HGTV's Property Brothers

Simply Scratch - now that I have little ones, I'm very mindful of what I let grace our kitchen table.  Everything on this site is made from scratch, even the sauces...and not even all that difficult to make.  Check it out!

The Maker's Diet - Who better to learn about what to eat/what not to eat than from the Creator himself.  Jordan Rubin actually breaks down why God makes the food rules that He makes. (Spoiler alert - it's for our benefit).

The Great Physican's Rx for Children's Health - also written by Jordan Rubin.  It's the kiddie's edition of The Maker's Diet.

Personal Finance
Dave Ramsey - Dude, I love this guy.  His teachings have significantly changed the course of my life.  One day, I'll have to tell you about how my hubby and I paid off $92,000 to become debt free.

Budgets Are Sexy - J. Money is a newbie to my list of faves, but I really love his transparency and his heart to help you make sense of a rather sophisticated finance industry.

Tom Stanley - author of Millionaire Next Door, Millionaire Woman Next Door, Stop Acting Rich...and many others but these three titles are what I have personally read.  I have gotten great inspiration from these books to actually be rich vs focusing on looking rich.

Mr. Money Mustache - MMM has inspired me to become financially independent as quickly as possible.  Prior to visiting this site, I was complacent with having one parent at home while living on one income.  I now realize that both my husband and myself are capable of staying at home to raise our kids while drawing income from our nest egg.

Southern Savers - Jenny makes it easy to incorporate couponing into your life.  She does a great job of compiling the best deals from various grocery & drug stores in the southeast.

Hip 2 Save - you can also find drug store deals here, but I generally frequent this website to get heads up on one-off mass-merch and department store deals.

(couponing can seem daunting; there are numerous deals that will pass your way on any given day.  I have found it easiest to set up an RSS feed to keep from having to constantly check into these sites everyday).

The Blessed Life by Robert Morris - this book will make you want to give, give, GIVE!  You'll find out that you can't out give God.  He is the ultimate "giver" (check out John 3:16), and this book demonstrates how your life will become blessed the more you become like Him.

Good Call - I was most impressed by Jase Robertson's commitment and dedication to tell anyone who will listen about God.  It seems like his every waking moment is geared towards deepening his relationship with Christ and bringing others along side him.  I want to have that kind of boldness and that kind of determination!

More to come!

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