Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Already??

Dude, where did the weekend go?  I had such high hopes of burning through my to-do list, but instead it seems like I (well, hubs and I) just created new bullets to add to the list.  Ugh.

So...#1 on the list for the weekend was to rip up the carpet in our basement (specifically, hubby rips the carpet up while I watch the kids).  The plan all along has been to create a lofty feel in this man cave but execution of this design was sped along by good ol' mother nature.  Several weeks ago, we had a number of intense thunderstorms that left our basement a bit on the damp side.  We bought a dehumidifier to remedy the excess moisture in the air but decided it was time to get rid of the carpet so said moisture wouldn't be tempted to collect and form mold.

Our weekend's progress:

In my mind, this was a quick and easy project.  But I totally forgot about step 1 - removing the furniture from the room.  Duh!  With a crew of one, it took my husband all day to move everything into the garage.  On Sunday, he was only able to strip up one "row" of carpeting.  He was surprised to find that whoever originally laid our carpet down went all glue crazy during installation.  Yay!  Just what we need, extra work.

So, now hubby is in the middle of researching glue removal techniques...ones that can be performed without moving the pool table.  And that means that my plan to cross off items on my list are yesterday's news.  So for now, I will have to put hanging up window treatments and possibly removing wallpaper on the back burner.

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