Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New House.

Contentment is a funny thing.  Two months ago, my hubby and I bought this beautiful, traditional brick house:

And although I'm sure the previous owner would not consider this property a fixer upper, we are finding ourselves wanting to update alot!  Don't get me wrong, there are a number of updates that have already been made, but the DIYers in us aren't going to be satisfied until we've put our stamp on every element of this house.  And that's where contentment comes in...

While I looove DIY projects, revamping an entire house can feel overwhelming at times.  And I have to admit, I don't have much patience when it comes to, well, not too much of anything.  I have so many ideas floating in my head and I want them all to be executed now.  Oh, and then there's the small chain of envious thoughts that emerge when I lay eyes on some "inspiration" pics. My thoughts take a temporary turn for the worse - why don't I have craftsman style banisters? Or high ceilings (maybe vaulted, even)? Or a yard with acres of luscious grass?  Surely, I'm not the only who feels this way, right?  I know that I am blessed to have this lovely home; I'm just being real.

Will these thoughts magically disappear once all of my DIY projects have been completed?  I think not.  I wouldn't be human if they did.  I do know that as long as I'm not letting any of these thoughts transform into bitterness or hatred, then I'm gravy.  Wow, I like how I just unintentionally taught myself a life lesson.  Haha!

Update:  I have found an antidote to my problem.  Turns out it's also a cure for those who tend to worry.  Check it out.

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